Some times being a roving reporter totally stinks, but sometimes its the worlds best job in the whole world.. this week was one of those weeks were everything fell into place and I almost interviewed some of my all time heroes.. I have been almost interviewing super famous people for a long time now but this week was ridiculous..
To start out I went to see my Favorite band in the world “Bob Log lll” , I was hoping to give him a copy of Paper Machete and maybe interview him, not only did he take the copy of Paper Machete but he said “Oh cool, I’m gonna go throw it in my car so I don’t lose it”... Before he did that I Told him How much I like going to his concert events and he said “Good, Cause I ain’t never gonna quit”.. I couldn’t believe it. The show, of coarse, was awesome. what a night!
Then the next day I went to a big time fashion event at Uncle Pete’s in Boston. I actually got to have a beer with the real Uncle Pete and Uncle Adam too. Those Guys are really laid back, I thought they might be dicks because of how super famous they are but they were cool and I think They would be down for an interview too.
Then.... This is going to blow your mind... I was grabbing some lunch at the airport food court with my sweetie bird and she said hey look at that guys pink socks.. I said that's not just some guy that's the one and only John Waters for crying out loud. He looked sharp in his Nitro pink socks and white tiger skin shoes. I was intimidated at first to approach him But then my roving reporter instincts kicked in,. I realized I am working for a greater good and this is much bigger than me. I approached him and introduced myself. I gave him a copy of Paper Machete and told him I would love to interview him sometime. He said Thanks I’ll take a look at it on the plane... I almost fell over... I hope he had a 19 hour flight .. John If you ever read this thanks It was the highlight of my career almost interviewing you. Definitely one of the most influential filmmakers of our time and a really nice guy too.
So I thought I might go out for a cold one to celebrate my almost interviewing all these super stars and guess who is sitting at the next table.... Ultra villain Dr. Hector Kola, who I have been wanting to interview for as long as I can remember He was distant and rude but after some proper antagonizing he reluctantly accepted a copy of Paper Machete.. Hopefully one day I will land an interview with one of these world famous people. Until Then...

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Eddie Machete